Company Country Sector Investment date Round Status
Alcatraz USA Security 2018 Seed Active
Amberbox USA Security 2017 Seed Active
Anello Photonics USA Advanced Sensors 2020 Series A Active
Aryballe FRA Advanced Sensors 2017 Seed Active
Augmenta GRC Agriculture 2019 Seed Active
Automata GBR Industrial Robotics 2018 Series A Active
Bellwether USA Retail Automation 2018 Series A Active
Bodyport USA Digital Health 2018 Seed Active
Caper AI (Instacart) USA Automated Retail 2021 Seed Acquired
Cowboy BEL Electric Mobility 2017 Pre-seed Active
Fieldvision (Baller TV) USA Smart Cameras 2018 Seed Acquired
Full Speed Automation USA Automation Software 2021 Seed Active
Gideon Brothers HRV Industrial Robotics 2018 Seed Active
Giraffe360 GBR Real Estate Automation 2020 Seed Active
Heywear USA Retail Automation 2018 Pre-seed Active
ISKN (ami) FRA Consumer Electronics 2016 Pre-seed Active
Left Hand Robotics (NYSE:TTC) USA Robotics 2018 Seed Acquired
Noke (Janus Intl.) USA Security 2017 Seed Acquired
Norbert Health USA Digital Health 2019 Seed Active
Prynt USA Consumer Electronics 2016 Pre-seed Acquired
Pulsa USA Inventory Management 2018 Seed Active
Qashier SGP Retail Automation 2020 Pre-seed Active
Radian Aerospace USA Space Travel 2018 Seed Active
Remedee Labs FRA Digital Health 2017 Seed Active
Shortcut Labs SWE Consumer Electronics 2016 Seed Active
Span USA Energy 2018 Seed Active
Stealth FRA Crypto 2021 Pre-seed Active
Twist GBR Computer Software 2021 Seed Active
Valispace DEU Collaboration Tools 2020 Seed Active


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