Announcing our investment in Nūmi

ALEXIS HOUSSOU November 03, 2023

We’re excited to announce our investment in Nūmi’s $3m Seed round, a Paris-based biotech start-up pioneering the production of cell-cultured breast milk. The round was led by our friends at Heartco...

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Black magic — Things that work

JERRY YANG April 21, 2023

Most friends know that my first career was semiconductor. Few were familiar enough with the industry to know that specifically I was in this very special domain called “analog IC design”.

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Bitcoin, gold & public market

JERRY YANG February 15, 2023

Coming from scientific & engineering training, going through entrepreneurship and then switching to the dark side that’s called venture capital investment, today I hold this quote of his dear to my...

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The Optimistic Case for the Metaverse

February 07, 2023

When Mark Zuckerberg talks about the Metaverse, I cringe. His vision of the future feels a bit like a targeted ad strapped to a human face, forever. I’m not alone in my negative reaction, as indeed...

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