Climate is a hardware problem.

That's why we’ve put together ZERO, an event series bringing together founders, researchers, and policy experts focused on finding real solutions to the climate crisis.

The climate crisis is putting people and entire ecosystems at risk. We must take action now, and at scale,to quickly develop breakthrough technologies to decarbonize our planet.

At ZERO, you will usually find three venture backed founders talking about in market solutions, a highly relevant community, and investors willing to back the stuff that matters.

Let’s talk about carbon capture, nuclear, synthetic proteins, mining, energy storage and how to bring all of these to market ASAP.

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Next event

 Episode 4: New York City

June 1st, 5:30PM, USV, NYC


Zero EP.03 - Farm to Table

All the presentations from our third session focusing on Foodtech and Agtech, co-hosted with BCG X in London on April 18th.

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Zero EP.02 - Carbon Capture

Watch all the keynotes from our second ZERO event on November 24th in London, co-hosted with Google for Startups.

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Zero EP.01 - Nuclear

Watch all the presentations from our first ZERO event on October 5th in London.

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